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Order  LSD Online

Buy 30x Original LSD 250µg online – Germany, Switzerland, Austria

LSD, known from hippies and big festivals like Woodstock, is one of the most famous and versatile drugs. Not only the hallucinogenic effect fascinates many people, but especially the completely new view on everyday things or problems completely changes.

Buy 10x Hoffmann LSD Blotter (No derivative)

Motifs : Hoffmann Trip Bike

Origin : Netherlands

Dosage : 250µg / Tab

Delivery as follows: 10x LSD tabs airtight packed in HDPE vacuum bag

Real LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) lets you dive into completely new worlds and fascinates you time and time again. At xtckaufenshop.com, you can order real LSD online with Bitcoin.

LSD is one of the strongest known hallucinogens and belongs to the psychedelics, which also affect the body’s serotonin balance. Therefore, even at low doses in the microgram range, LSD causes long-lasting effects, such as altered thought processes, perceptions and feelings, and an expanded state of consciousness.

The duration of the trip can sometimes last up to 10 hours, so plan accordingly. LSD trips are best planned and done with a relaxed mindset – preferably in a social setting.

Order LSD online

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At xtckaufenshop.com you buy real LSD – Your No.1 Shop for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Where can I order real LSD? Buy real LSD legally? Buy LSD Switzerland, Austria. Order Original Hoffmann LSD Blotter 250µg with Bitcoin


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